Five-O Limited Edition DVD



From Mula Films and the creators that brought you ‘2Eleven‘ and ‘Buffed Up‘ comes the action-packed thriller “Five-0.

In a world where police brutality and corruption are at its peak, two Detroit cops, JP (Martell Lane) & Len Stacey (Thomas L. Harris) must become apart of the problem in order to satisfy their personal needs. JP, is a crooked cop whose driven merely by the money while Officer Len only wants his share to save his sons life. The pair come up with a plot to attack the city’s top drug dealers in order to attain the money, while keeping in mind that no one is above the law… so they must not be caught in the act.

With stars like the late Dex Osama, Rocaine, DJ BJ, Detroit Che and many more, this breathtaking, spine-tingling film is sure to be a Spring block buster.